Person of Wei Wu Er entertains a guest have rule
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Person of Wei Wu Er entertains a guest have rule
The Uygur nationality is in Xinjiang in each nation, the number is maximum, no matter walk along which county, can see people of the Uygur nationality. This is an enthusiastic and hospitable nation, every time when the guest sojourns in their home, can be entertained enthusiasticly.

After the guest comes, host is received in doorway enthusiasm, enthusiastic offer one's seat to sb and mutual greeting. Press traditional habit, when person of Wei Wu Er meets, do not use handclasp gift, put the right hand before left bosom however, next the body forward heel 30 degrees, say next: "Sa pulls Mu Laikun (" blessing " meaning) . " if a person comes up against ten acquaintance, want such expression to everybody; If encounter exalted guest or it is elder, want to put both hands across before the bosom, nod, bow, convey the esteem to better and courtesy. When the woman meets, do not apply this kind is formal, want embrace however, right face should be endured, say " Salamu " ; When better sees a child, the child should make the call of the old person first, the old person should kiss the child's cheek and forehead. When nevertheless the youth meets, salute sometimes, say: "Yakeximusaizi (hello) . "Yakeximusaizi (hello) ..

The Uygur nationality sees with hospitality say, entertain a guest, be a guest has a rule. Entertain a guest must respect tea, it is guest pour tea again and again. When dining, do not go smell hears food, also be not brushed with the hand touch food, in final tableware had better not remnant leaves food. If the guest is in master home stay, master meeting serves the best bedding in the home. The person that sojourn should notice clothes and hat is neat, appearance is dignified, cannot wear vest shorts only.

The first program of guest of entertainment of person of Wei Wu Er is to ask a guest to drink tea. When drinking tea, should carry candy of a crusty pancake, diamonds, rock candy, currant, apricot all sorts of bit hearts that dry, conserve and oneself make and biscuit. Qiu Dong is seasonal, host takes out all sorts of melon and fruit to entertain even. The tea that entertain a guest is cooked newly, still entertain conditionally with big bowl tea with milk, they still like to break the crusty pancake broken put in tea with milk, expressive host is mixed to the guest's enthusiasm friendly.

After drinking tea, person of Wei Wu Er does meal to entertain even. Breed of food of the Uygur nationality is very much, will receive a visitor with what kind of meal, basically be decided according to different guest. If come from afar guest, often do " Yu Gule " (face of silver-colored silk roll) will entertain, the face has boiling water, took advantage at removing fatigue; If be oneself friend,come be a guest, will cook according to the friend's taste. Besides, often do steamed stuffed bun to catch steamed stuffed bun of meal, deepfry, pull a brief informal note or fried dish to entertain. General entertainment guest uses a kind of meal rarely, however 34 kinds of above, let a guest can eat those who work already, also can eat rare, sample all sorts of gust.
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