What Japanese uses a chopstick is formal
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What Japanese uses a chopstick is formal
Japanese uses a chopstick to have 8 big contraindication on table:
1, lick chopsticks: Lick a chopstick with the tongue.
2, confuse chopsticks: The hand takes a chopstick to be on table shake from side to side, do not know nip what food is good.
3, move chopsticks: Vegetable should take hold something under the arm a meal, cannot nip one hind, did not have a meal, nip another dish.
4, twist chopsticks: Turn round a chopstick, lick the meal bead that is stuck on the chopstick with the mouth.
5, insert chopsticks: Insert dish to eat with the chopstick.
6, draw out chopsticks: Gather up in dish with the chopstick will gather up.
7, cross chopsticks: Put the chopstick in bowl, dish above.
8, chopsticks of get rid of: With tooth of chopstick get rid of, draw out the mouth.