The Monggol nationality proposes a toast, respect tea, eat the flesh to have exq
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The Monggol nationality proposes a toast, respect tea, eat the flesh to have exquisite
Mongolia is nomadic disposition bold and unconstrained, distinctive reception was formed on the prairie the ceremony of guest, include crock of snuff of greeting, exchange and considerate ground to entertain food to wait.
The guest comes, the healthy, one's relatives that host sends one's respects to bearer above all is mixed in safety working circumstance. After the guest takes a seat into the door, on goodwife tip one bowl of appetizing hot tea with milk, place all sorts of milk products next. Propose a toast to the guest and tea with milk is grand ceremony. The bowl that prepares to fill tea with milk for honoured guest is sure it is silver is qualitative, display together with tea with milk even on hada. The start that master Xiang Guibin gives goblet also is presentable. The right hand is lifted cup, left hand holds ancon in the palm, hand in goblet deferentially in guest hand. Before drink tea with milk or drinking, return meeting somebody to deliver congratulatory speech, wish end, someone else answers: "Wish to wish this lives forever " if language. Outside be being fed except the grandma, still have the food such as candy.
The first-rate dish of xenial honored guest is fat of big sheep " back child the flesh " , that flesh of the rear comes below ovine thoracic vertebra namely.