Tibetan food is formal: Word of charm of Tibet Tibetan a nature stores food
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Tibetan food is formal: Word of charm of Tibet Tibetan a nature stores food
Store food: Kinds main component is big

History Tibetan food is long, have distinguishing feature extremely. Tibetan area produces make the major raw material that stores food oneself, variety of design and color is rich, flavour each different.

Of the food on banquet Tibetan type cook reach the kind that place banquet a lot of. The oldest method is the discretion according to guest social class will decide to use such as Pan Zhongjing eat, hand is given respect eat, napkin to respect the mess form such as eat, own food, return those who have dinner of element banquet, meat or fish to fasten. Contemporary in family and collective celebrate a banquet to go up, also resemble Chinese type meat commonly, place hot food, cold food, soup, staple food and snacks.

Content Tibetan food divides kinds staple food, dish, Shang San is big. Its are main spice divides sweetmeat outside, salt is the basiccest dressing, in addition, still have fennel of ginger, curry, Chinese prickly ash, caraway, Tibet, peppery, sweet Ru, garlic, green, wild garlic, Sha Bei's mother, chili, Sun Fendeng. These spice usage each different, allow to have diverse spice demand to different food boil. The director of banquet Tibetan type, flavor and inside a day match dish to have very much exquisite, and very strict also to the requirement of dietetic hygiene.

Staple food Tibetan food basically has:

"Hemp 3 " mix even pink of high grade roasted qingke barley flour, minute thick fruit juice and brown sugar, the ghee that reoccupy melts mixes semisolid shape, put into matrix to make next piece become namely with ghee deck.

Potato curry meal changes fresh ghee first hot, green of a few that put a person pours the hotpot that cuts agglomerate account fry in person boiler to half ripe, add the spice such as small fennel curry, salt, thoroughly cook potato then decorticate cut agglomerate shape to be put burn a little while together in boiler become namely. Xi Shixian fills rice mess tin of tall foot copper on inside, potato curry meat is added above.

Fleshy steamed stuffed bun mixes beef, leaf fat green a chop is fine, add spice. The face does not ferment, direct knead dough and into. The steamed stuffed bun after evaporate is ripe, in order to eat when the stuffing that can pour out of soup juice is beautiful. Still have package of pink of a kind of cheese, its stuffing is to use pink of pink of minute thick fruit juice, a few pea and white sugar to mix even, mix with melting ghee next close and become.

Mi express the idea is name congee. Buddhist of 3 big temples abbe obtain case Western learning when, answer by the regulation to stiff congee of numerous alms giving of the abhor inside the temple, congratulate in order to show. Its practice is: Cook rice into gruel, add a few salt, plus ghee, diced meat, red jujube, apricot doing, currant, build the shell that tighten boiler, go up with small fire stew to the hour, when having pot, again sufficient agitate is become namely.
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