The Hani nationality is plunged into painstakingly tie a knot
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The Hani nationality is plunged into painstakingly tie a knot

Festal period of time
The traditional Chinese calendar on June 24

Festal origin

Suffering is plunged into tie a knot, also cry in June year, in annual the middle ten days of a month held the traditional Chinese calendar in June, it is people of red river the Hani nationality's royal traditional festival, like be just as the Han nationality to cross the Spring Festival lively and grand. At the appointed time, the mountain fastness that breath out the Buddhist nun everywhere elated, reeky. People puts on colourful festival full-dress, the photograph of gang gets together to grind autumn field, recreation of burnish autumn dally, spend joyfully festival.
According to the custom of the person that breath out the Buddhist nun, grinding autumn lever must be a night after been chop, boys are carried before dawn come back. They are singing folk song all the way, carry the autumn rod that uses hard and strong wood make it to the autumn field of stockaded village edge, grow a wood into earth, top is cut fine when axes, next again grow long rail from the authentic intermediate sunken, frame above. The rail accident of both sides wants same, cut greasily even, lest cut hand. Afternoon, the person breathing out the Buddhist nun that wearing flowery dress of jostle each other in a crowd got together to grind autumn field, according to Ha Ni person honour often respects long traditional habit, first by the old man of a few sainted " leave autumn " , after they were swung symbolisticly a few rounds, the boys of one right, one in pairs, girls go up by turns turn. Burnish autumn is the sports activity that a person that breath out the Buddhist nun is full of appeal, it asks to grind autumn the number of both sides wants reciprocity, ride the person that take to use foot step area, from time to time rotates at full speed, from time to time rises fall rise and fall, turn repeatedly, floating about. The rate that throws autumn person is rapidder and rapidder, surround the person of view to also appear more happy, the crowd often is given out " oh ah, oh ah ah " call out sound, cheer add to the fun for its, atmosphere is very enthusiastic. Those art tall audacious, the boy with uncommon skill, often became the target that girls adore.

The setting sun falls on the west, ground the noise on autumn field to have a ringing report of a gun, notifiers come round to sing dance, the gather together with the young geminate and didymous men and women that those in the woods hiding that fall in love came, old person and child also gather together came. Old people is surrounded sit attendant on drink make merry, children angle dally, young is surrounded into circle, start fan dance, bamboo rod dance, happy make dance. Sound of gong and drum, string sound, hurrah interweaves together, be in group of resound between hill, not the orgiastic night of Mian began.
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