Heilongjiang country is formal eat convention
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Heilongjiang country is formal eat convention
Heilongjiang person entertains a guest nobly with enthusiasm and famed China and foreign countries. The guest arrives to respect smoke first surely, respect tea, ask its have a meal again. Although do not have smoke tea, also want to give guest pour on one bowl of boiled water first, in order to show a welcome. Entertain a guest when having a meal, let a guest sit on hot the warmer end of kang surely, next

Lukewarm wine. Wine needs go up first, lai needs even numbers. Or 4 Lai, or 8 6 dish, dish, can place anything but 5 3 Lai, dish or 7. Because be used to by its, when having gone father and mother only, serve the mortuary dinner of funereal person, just go up odd. Of course also every plant dish to go up double, be like the flesh two dishes, egg two dishes. Fried dish, see for how with and so on of pork, egg, pickled Chinese cabbage, bean curd, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch. Yu Weijia is tasted. Chicken, fish article, common call his " big " .

Lai pays attention to order on. It is commonly first cool postheat, first big, hind general, first blast of the decoct after saute is fried, first salty hind weak, first the soup after Lai, first the beer after liquor, or go up at the same time each a few kinds of wine, hold the post of a guest to choose. Last dish, forbidden go up a round mass of food. People thinks, a round mass of food has on " scram " meaning, between the meal, host must propose a toast to the guest again and again, urge sb to drink. .

After the meal, host nods smoke to offer tea to the guest again surely. When the guest should go, host is persuaded to stay repeatedly surely, say: "Entertain not " or " string together the door next time again " and so on is polite word.