Manchu civilian house
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Manchu weather of area of civilian house northeast is cold, the bedroom house nature of each nation is formed in case cold the characteristic that give priority to. Manchu live in a mountainous area valley more, pay attention to drive especially cold prevent cold problem. Formed accordingly Manchu and peculiar live consuetudinary.
Manchu and inchoate, economic culture compares backward period, its live the condition is very pallet. Up to now, be in certain and out-of-the-way a mountainous area, still a few people live in primitive " ground mark " , " equestrian frame " in. "Ground mark " , it is Manchu winter lives, build in hillside of exposed to the sun commonly, be down excavation to be a wall, above the bark on the lid, hill is careless. Indoor kitchen having pot, heated kang. Heat preservation, warm oneself the effect is good. "Equestrian frame " it is the place that Manchu summer lives, build in commonly forest inside, use a few stub, the ground is laid with wood on stub, build above on person handwriting frame, enclothe again prevent rain with grass of bark, hill.
The development as economic culture and with each nation association, study, manchu forms him gradually live consuetudinary. Their housing materials with place, built tile-roofed house of slimy base thatched cottage, blue bricks and clip to use the building of stone. South principal rooms face, 3 occasional 5, thing wing-room each 2 occasional 3. Other people of rich and popular still has gate house (3, corridor is among) , screen wall wall.
"Pocket room, kang of 10 thousand words, chimney go up in the ground " the living characteristic that figure ground spoke Manchu. Pocket room is to point to, 3 rooms are in more most the east to open the door or 5 in east rise to open the door the 2nd times. Make a bag of building be similar in shape, because this says,do " pocket room " . One when open the door says " outbuilding " , " central room " ; House says again west " on house " , on in house south, on the west, north is built 3 times have " ∏ " kang of word big adobe, be called " kang of 10 thousand words " , kang of its Chinese and Western puts the place of ancestor box for Manchu home, it is to must not sit of the person. The heated kang is Manchu home housing is main warm oneself equipment (there still is igneous ground, a wall with flues for space heating inside palace) , house is housing of small character generation east; Northward the Han nationality builds a house, set chimney on room backbone commonly. And Manchu be located chimney in the room however on the west or on the ground after the room, with a paragraph horizontal flue and chimney are linked together. This also cries " chimney of the type that cross the sea " .
Door window also has Manchu architectural characteristic, the door is alone the wood-block door of fan, have ligneous plug; The door is door of double fan block inside. Outbuilding relies on reveal to have a loophole, common says " Ma Chuang " . Every window issues two on cent, superstratum papers paper, but inward trice; Lower level is the 23 case of end up, install the tenon chamfer in window frame, do not leave at ordinary times, but can pick at any time. Window lattice case has check commonly model, wintersweet, arris wait for a variety of geometry design. The window paper that burnt window place uses is one kind cries " break hill " paper, full language is called " spread out he breaths out a flower to go up " , chinese interpret is flax paper or window paper, it is to use broken garment to defeat soak of garrulous classics water to become cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side fining hair on animals, cross drop booth divide evenly on compact reed shade again, become via insolation. This kind of paper is tough be like change, can use as keep correspondence, but the mainest is to be used at papering a window. This kind of paper should be papered in the window outside, sand is accumulated in can avoiding window file on one hand, because of,can avoid window paper on the other hand cold heat not all and fall off. On window paper paste hind, drench even with oil, such, can increase indoor brightness already, can make again window paper firm long durable. "Window paper paste is outer " also become Manchu (east of Shanhaiguan) 3 blame greatly one of.
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