What thing cannot board a plane
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•1, the limitative provision that carries baggage
⑴ , take domestic scheduled flight: Portable baggage gross weight of the passenger does not exceed 5 kilograms, every baggage does not exceed volume 40 × of 20 × 55 centimeters (according to each airline demand distinct possibility differs somewhat) . The spot that install check has the baggage basket that checks portable baggage volume for the passenger, if the passenger's baggage can put this standard basket, criterion this baggage can be carried, need to consign otherwise.
⑵ , take international scheduled flight: Connect general reason condition, portable baggage gross weight does not exceed 7 kilograms, every baggage volume does not exceed 40 × of 20 × 55 centimeters (3 edges the sum does not exceed 115 centimeters) . The guest that takes the United States to add line can carry a portable baggage only. (partial airline has special weight to restrict a regulation, ask a guest the clew on advertent airline ticket, or seek advice to airline. )
•2, the relevant provision that consigns baggage
⑴ takes domestic course: The passenger of first-class stateroom cabin that holds adult or children passenger ticket is 40 kilograms, official cabin passenger is 30 kilograms, tourist class passenger is 20 kilograms. Hold the passenger of infantile ticket, without free baggage forehead.
⑵ takes international course: Of tourist class passenger consign baggage limitation freely to be 20 kilograms, tourist class holds the passenger of student passport, the baggage limitation that can consign freely is 30 kilograms; Official cabin consigns baggage limitation freely to be 30 kilograms; First-class stateroom cabin consigns baggage limitation freely to be 40 kilograms. But when destination is America, its consign baggage to be able to be two, every do not exceed 23 kilograms, odd 3 edges length mixes a baggage not to exceed 158 centimeters. When exceed, the passenger needs to pay even more heavy baggage fee. (partial airline has special weight to restrict a regulation, ask a guest the clew on advertent airline ticket, or seek advice to airline)
After ★ asks you to reach the airport, consult guideline of Wu of customer service of travel of building of station of capital airport boat, to specific value opportunity bar conduction baggage is consigned.
★ cannot serve as consign baggage to carry article to have: Brittle and calligraphy and painting of important file and data, negotiable securities, money, bill of exchange, gem, precious metal and its goods, antique, fragile bad article, perishable certificate of article, sample, journey, valuable. (specific ask ask to airline please)
★ asks you to notice cleared boot before consigning baggage / the useless old baggage on bag reach the ticket that has bar code, come in order to ensure your baggage carries correctly destination.
•1, what article is to prohibit carrying what also prohibit consigning?
Cutting tool of firearms ammo, control, alarm instrument, combustible explode easily article (like cracker of lighter gas, alcohol, paint, firework) , caustic article, virulent article and other risk are tasted.
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