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Discrepancy condition notice

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What leave the country does the passenger need to fill in custom declaration form card? · is carried need answer belt to enter the camera of the condition, portable close recorder, small-sized cinematograph, portable photograph collection machine, portable the article of viatic for private use such as word processor person;
·Will not answer answer belt leaves the country belt of goods original other people goes out or carry the person that did not do knot customs procedures into the temporary free goods of the condition;
·Carry foreign currency, bullion and its goods to was not obtained about leave the country the license proves or exceed this second into condition the person that declare amount;
·Carry a RMB to show paper money 6, 000 yuan of above person;
·The person that carry cultural relic;
·The person that carry goods, sample goods;
·Carry leave the country article exceeds what custom sets to be restricted value, set limit to or other limitation stipulator;
·Carry those who suffer Chinese quarantine code to set control to move, the person that plant and its product and other beard deal with check to put the goods of formalities.
Is you know what article is when discrepancy condition to get illicit? · prohibits receiving condition goods:
·All sorts of weapons, emulation weapon, ammo reachs explosive article;
·Bogus money reachs bogus negotiable securities;
·Harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture, morality presswork, film, photograph, disc, film, tape, video tape, laser is inspected dish, article of etc of medium of memory of laser record player, computer; All sorts of spirited bane; Opium, herion, herion, marijuana can make with etc the person becomes medicaments of the narcotic of addiction, spirit;
·Contain etc of dangerous and venereal bacterium, pest harmful biologic is moved, plant and its product;
·Of health of cultivate of person of be a hindrance to, come from epidemic disease area with the food with can pestiferous etc, medicines and chemical reagents or other goods.
·Prohibit leaving the country article:
·Include all goods that prohibit presenting condition range;
·The manuscript that content involves national secret, presswork, film, photograph, disc, film, tape, video tape, laser is inspected dish, article of etc of medium of memory of laser record player, computer;
·The cultural relic that etc of precious cultural relic prohibits leaving the country;
·Be in severe danger and move preciously, plant (all contain the specimen) reach its seed and progenitive material.
How do you know to deal with ascend airframe share certificate temporarily? · if your effective identity document loses, damaged, expire, the census register that issues by police station of seat of your census register please proves original or fax (army of liberation army armed police the recommendation original that issues by branch of place unit politics or fax a; student by student's identification card) reach him near future photograph of a inch of without hat deals with relevant formalities two pieces.
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