Online shopping cheap air tickets need to be cautious
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"I found the ticket transfer information Hou Mingming is, how did the Pro on the plane said my ticket too!" Yesterday morning, Miss Gong people call the newspaper, spoke about his new online booking and had met with the experiences of deception. The industry to remind the public, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year and other holidays approaching gold, it must be especially vigilant when the super-low discount airline tickets online, so as not to be deceived. New trick: Refund will again be found message Miss Gong, told reporters Dec. 15 that she and her husband's wedding anniversary, when her husband is to propose to her in Xiamen, in order to commemorate this special day, they plan to go visit Xiamen. Early December, Miss Gong first ran several ticket outlets, found that discount airline tickets to Xiamen is not low, mostly in the 7-8 fold, from a trip she and her husband both cost about 3,000 yuan, "At the time that the price is a little expensive, wanted to see the Internet, can Amoy to cheap discount ticket." Miss Gong spent only one afternoon to find the cheapest flights from 3 fold. Add money to your other account, she found that the account given by the other party is not the airlines, but a Mr Lee names. Miss Gong newspaper often associated with the net purchase tickets to see the report being cheated, and she insisted that other first-out itinerary and then transfer. "It took about 2 hours later, I received the phone, the display is 400 at the beginning, the other side of the Mandarin is very standard, so I go online to check my booking information." Log on the site, Miss Gong really found their own purchase ticket information, this confidence will sink money in the past. Did not think 15 got up early, she and her husband excitedly rushed to the airport, but finding out your boarding information, and "a search to know, I booked a ticket after he was to retire it!" Be wary of: Gold can not buy cheap air ticket Holidays "Now the trick is really endless!" After the experience of listening to Miss Gong, Tong Ge Lukoujichang Yangzhou was director of the terminal, said that since they opened, nearly every day to buy a fake encounter one or two tickets After less than a boarding pass for passengers, but this first success as Miss Gong refund booking suffered another rarely heard. "Under normal circumstances, a refund will certainly lose some money, there are a number of special ticket refund provision does not allow." Him, as Miss Gong's relatively high vigilance, fraud may only adopt a "roundabout" approach to taking of money , first set down to help her ticket, and so much of a hand, go to a refund. For this situation, the industry wants to remind passengers to travel by plane, if we must to buy tickets, then we must be sure to choose the regular site. "In fact, each point of ticket agents can also be good to get discounted air tickets, it is best to buy in the store, get a single trip, so do the insurance." Also, to remind the industry, Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival and other gold holiday, not the General Assembly appear low discount air tickets, so people must take special care online shopping.