Spring Festival travel season ticket prices have gone up five votes in a coup
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Students to return home by winter, New Year and Spring Festival holidays, the three factors of small effect in January next year, ticket prices rose 50% over December, the price of popular route during the Spring Festival were also high. Where network of travel experts say, the ticket price 普涨 the Spring Festival period, buy cheap air tickets have three "coup." "Coup," one of the passengers can make use of the ticket booking website price trend analysis chart, predict in advance ticket prices. For example, where a reporter from the network to provide a ticket to see the price chart, ticket prices from Shanghai to Guangzhou next year, New Year's Day and Spring Festival are the peak, and January 5 to 7 there is a small valley between is the ticket opportunity. "Coup" of the two, some large travel website has now opened a cheap air ticket booking services, once the conditions that meet the user's ticket there, site visitors will notice the first time. Experts suggest that the booking of air tickets should not only set a single date and a single discount, you can set the number of multi-date period and discount points, so that you can receive more information on cheap airline tickets, choose the cheapest ticket. "Coup" of the three, visitors can take the round-trip tickets bought with the strategy. According to experts, round-trip ticket bought together, allowing users the chance to Amoy to cheap airline tickets increased by 50%. In addition, one-way cheap airline ticket generally has a very strict restrictions, such as refund and can not be altered tickets, etc., while the round trip air ticket refund is generally given more facilities and altered tickets.