Expand security of Northeast Civil Aviation Authority do not make money regardl
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Civil Aviation Administration of China from August 31 onwards, the Northeast regional civil aviation safety inspection carried out. Inspection team will be in Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin three places to conduct research, focusing on enterprises operating reliability of the safety management chain, regulations, standards, facilities and equipment operation and implementation of safe production responsibility system to be checked. By the deputy director of CAAC Li Jian led the inspection teams, 31 August morning to take the first trip flight flew from Beijing to Shenyang. Inspection team inspected the plane after Shenyang Tao Xian International Airport's fire safety and emergency response, and later rushed to the Civil Aviation Authority convened a forum in Northeast China, to listen to the local regulatory authorities and civil aviation enterprise reporting. Afternoon, the inspection teams broken down into smaller Rd, dispatched to Shenyang Branch of Shenzhen Airlines, China Southern North Branch, Northeast China Aviation Oil Company and other units on-site inspection. Inspection team in the northeast region After the inspection, will hold a teleconference meeting, commented on the inspection carried out. Yichun crash, the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct a deep Northeast reflection, investigation and security risk to take positive measures to curb the signs of the accident, strict liability system to promote safety. Li Jian said that the units concerned should take this safety inspection as an opportunity to seriously sum up the "8.24" crash lessons, and further increase the safety supervision, and efforts to resolve the outstanding problems of safe operation to prevent accidents from happening again.