Changbei Airport Flight season special fares ticket prices drop how to buy
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What are the changes after the flight season? 1. Part of the flight time of adjustment. Part of the flight number of flights has not changed, but the flight time would be adjusted. 2. Part of the city of density flights. Compare new timetable can be seen, Nanchang, fly to Beijing from the original 8 classes to 10 classes a day; Nanchang, Xiamen flight ban by the 5 to 6 classes a day; Nanchang, Ganzhou flying class 1 a day increased from the early and late and 1 class between Nanchang and Ganzhou "flying to fight the" spare will become a reality. 3. Add two navigable city. After the season, will add two navigation Wenzhou and Wuhan cities. To celebrate the navigation, the two additional flights are introduced special fares: Wenzhou, Nanchang, one-way flight 5 off 390, round-trip ticket order can enjoy 4 discount, Nanchang, Wuhan, one-way flight is only 4 off 240. 4. New one airline. October 31, the Shandong Airlines will enter the aviation market in Nanchang, Xiamen operations - Nanchang - Xi'an route, flight number SC4781 / 2. In return for passengers, Shandong Airlines launched early booking discount, Nanchang - 150 one-way Xiamen, Nanchang - Xi'an-way 250 yuan (28 days in advance booking). 5. Ticket prices down. With the substantial increase in flights after the season and in November the arrival of tourist season, ticket prices down. Nanchang - Shanghai's recent high fares last downturn, in November to buy the 3.9 fold (280 million) of the ticket; Nanchang - 4 fold below a large number of Beijing (480 yuan) ticket sales, Nanchang - Guangzhou and Nanchang - Shenzhen, the minimum ticket prices are less than 4 fold (290, respectively, 310 million). The airline offers seasonal activities 1. Eastern Airlines Super interim product launch: 7 days, 3 days or the day of transfer products to buy China Eastern Airlines all over the country, you can enjoy the premium benefits. 2. Xiamen Airlines passenger 5 year old launched off (departure flight date at least 60 years old male passenger, aged 55 year-old female passenger, or holders of "retirement card" of the passengers), teacher-student passengers 5 discount, with new lines 4 discount and other activities. 3. Southern Airlines launched the first high-end coach in the country need to pay only the minimum 5 discount economy class fares will have regular opportunities to enjoy activities. 4. Hainan Airlines in Nanchang - Haikou flights launched "from one person into a group," the special policy, a person with round trip flights they meet, you can enjoy the team discount. 5. Auspicious auspicious Airlines launched the official website at least 3 tickets can enjoy discount travel concessions. Buy a special ticket to master the following skills 1. Advance tickets. 2. Select the off-season travel. 3. To participate in airline special offers. 4. From one-way ticket is cheaper than normal. Now, the flowers usually the price of train travel can be by air travel. Convenient public transport for you to choose: 1. Nanchang City to the Airport: Airport bus Line 1: Railway Station - Old Fukuyama - Yong Shu junctions - Bayi Square North - Castle Junction - Provincial People's Hospital - Changbei - City College - Airport Airport bus Line 2: Railway Station - Old Fukuyama - Civil Aviation Garden Hotel - Feng and Interchange - Trade Junction - the junction shade - manhole District - City College - Airport (Nanchang first bus departure time is 6:00, the last train departure time is 21:00 every 30 minutes in). 2. Part of the surrounding cities to the airport Changbei Airport has opened now to Jiujiang, Fuzhou, Xinyu city bus, etc. 3. 1. Jiujiang to the airport departure time is: 06:10,08:50,11:50,14:50, Jiujiang airport to the departure time: 09:50,11:10,14:50,17:50; 2. Fuzhou to the Airport Departure time: 06:00,07:30,11:30,13:30,15:30,18:00, Fuzhou airport to the departure time: 10:00,11:30,14: 30,16:30,17:00,19:30; 3. Xinyu (South Station) to the airport departure time is: 06:35,13:35, airport departure time Xinyu: 10:10,14:50.