The foreign country is stationed in China make (get) how does the house deal wit
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The foreign country is stationed in China make (get) the general requirement when the house deals with the attestation formalities of the notarial deed that our country notary organization issues is:
(The eligible notarial deed that 1) accords with its home authority concerned to ask (if whether translation is accurate, whether the) such as the translation category that its ask;
(Outside 2) notarial deed must manage via consul of Ministry of Foreign Affairs or concerning province, municipality, city, do wait for formalities of attestation doing appropriate;
(3) presses cost of formulary consign attestation.
To according with the notarial deed of the requirement, halt China make (get) the house gives namely accept, conduction attestation. The testimony of attestation uses its homeland character or English. The autograph that testimony content is the seal that consul of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of proof our country manages or does outside province, municipality, city and diplomatic official commonly is belonged to solid, sign by the official of responsible attestation, affix one's seal, some still is stuck have stamp duty, the proof hands in cost amount to wait.