When the applicant applies for to deal with notarial deed attestation, encounter
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When the attestation office that runs the notarial deed that does appropriate to reach our country when the applicant deals with attestation formalities, because notarial deed is unqualified,often meet, non-standard wait for a problem, and cannot deal with attestation formalities. Below this kind of circumstance, the diplomatic official of responsible attestation formalities wants to deal with by following programs commonly:
(What 1) points out notarial deed clearly is unqualified, non-standard or wrong place;
(2) undertakes registering backing down answering an applicant, do sth for sb attestation unit or former notarial office, and with cancel the note announcement that changes an account; Turn specially to judiciary notarization to manage individually, decline primary notarial point by judiciary notarization department again;
(3) notarization place is received after retreating the notarial deed that change, undertake amendatory or deal with afresh, a department of consul of Ministry of Foreign Affairs or attestation of external affairs office are handed in again after doing appropriate.
Accordingly, the applicant is encountered when retreating the notarial deed that change, should examine calmly above all withdraw the account that change, pressing afore-mentioned programs to wait to retreat attestation is dealt with again after changing qualification.