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What are the purpose of notarial deed attestation and action?
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Diplomacy of notarial deed classics, consular mechanism conduction attestation is dealt with according to the agreement that reachs in judicatory domain between country and country. Its purpose is to make notarial deed can is in to use the authority concerned place inside territory to admit, in order to produce the legal effectiveness in this country. If do not deal with attestation, whether are the autograph on the true bogus that the authority concerned suspects notarial deed likely and notarial deed or seal belonged to solid, as a result affects the implementation of its law effectiveness.
To because of illicit citizen going abroad for, after the notarial deed that needs toward the country before application is dealt with, follow the important order that must handle, make clear namely whether must deal with attestation. 1000 cannot think erroneously, should do appropriate notarial deed to calculate only came to an end.