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How to consign puppy?
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Puppy is the cat that shows domestic wait is raised, dog or other puppy. Puppy is carried, answer to deal with by following regulation:

One, when the passenger must be present or buying a ticket, put forward, offer animal quarantine proof, classics carrier agrees to just can be consigned.

2, the passenger should be in seize the opportunity that day, press the time that carrier appoints, puppy proper motion carry is dealt with to the airport consign formalities.

3, the container of shipping puppy should accord with following requirement: A can prevent puppy to destroy, escape and extend passenger, baggage or goods are injured beyond container. B assures airiness, do not cause puppy to choke. C can avoid spill of ooze of excrement and urine, lest pollute article of etc of the equipment on plane, machine.

4, the puppy that the passenger carries, divide classics carrier concessionary outside, uniform cannot put inside cabin to carry.

5, the free baggage specified number that puppy and its container cannot enjoy a passenger, both should incorporate computational weight, the standard that weighs baggage by even more collects fees alone.