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Airline ticket changes a label / return a ticket
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Passenger (group passenger sets separately) ask 24 hours before from station time in airliner plane return a ticket, the return a ticket of 5% expends collection ticket price, in the airliner the regulation leaves station time 24 hours inside, 2 hours are contained ask before return a ticket, need to pay the of 10% return a ticket of original bill section fee, before airliner plane leaves a station 2 hours of less than apply for return a ticket, need to pay original bill section the fee of return a ticket of 20% , return a ticket of the requirement after station time leaves in the airliner, press by accident processing of plane return a ticket, section of collection original bill of 50% by accident opportunity cost. End before the airliner provides time leaving a station 30 minutes to stop to deal with seize the opportunity stop when formalities.