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How to get electronic passenger ticket to submit an expense account proof
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Since June 1, the monoculture of journey of passenger ticket of aviation carriage electron that the whole nation begins try out to unite supervise the manufacture of by total bureau of national tax Wu is what the passenger buys electronic passenger ticket to pay, submit an expense account proof, try out period is two years.

Before this, the passenger buys what electronic passenger ticket uses is the electronic passenger ticket that design of each airline proper motion uses submits an expense account proof. The electronic passenger ticket that began to use on June 1 is unified submit an expense account the proof is machine bill of the couplet that make sheet, norms is 238mm × 106.6mm, employ one person one ticket, can sell a place to get in airline ticket already, also can serve bar to get in airport electron passenger ticket, OK still after the event fills get. It is in pay as the passenger proof while the effect that still has clew passenger stroke, but nonfeasance airport is dealt with seize the opportunity formalities and the necessary evidence that safety examines are used.