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Buy electronic passenger ticket to want to notice 3 prevent
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Buy electronic passenger ticket to want to notice 3 prevent

Origin: Time of Xinhua News Agency: 2006-11-20

Report of Xinhua News Agency rises from October 16, system of countrywide civil aviaton stops to extend airline ticket of traditional paper quality, begin to popularize electronic passenger ticket. Door of Ministry of Aviation concerns a personage to remind, when buying electronic airline ticket, should notice " 3 prevent " :

The stroke of electronic passenger ticket with imitated beware of is single. Individual agent is obtain profit, an according to airline policy sale in the system is ordered in computer, but when printing sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket to the passenger, use the journey sheet that copy risks, with prep above the fare of real value gives a bill.

Careful " black representative " the holiday orders a ticket. Because electronic passenger ticket is OK,book on the net, a few illegal elements can pretend to be the representative that order a ticket, use mobile phone short message and small advertising form, money of true bluff somebody into giving information of ticket of false carry out.

Want to prevent full name and Id number to register a mistake. Convenient, quick the one big characteristic that is electronic passenger ticket, but order a ticket to make mistake more easily through phone or network. After consumer is taking journey sheet, should check face to face full name and Id number, avoid occurrence mistake.