The examination side capital International Airport obtains passport of the holid
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This net dispatch: On October 17, 2008 before dawn 5 when the left and right sides, building of station of boat of capital airport T3 enters a country spot person wave is moved. The policeman of terminal of Beijing edge check is on duty the spot is nervous and orderly ground deals with formalities for the passenger.

Covey of Beijing edge check small Yan of 5 element policeman enters a country to take CA938 airliner passenger to deal with when formalities, man of the citizenship in discovering looks flustered before the ground will inspect a station. When having normal inquiry, this passenger fumbles, utter words that do not hang together, through microscope, what hold used passport to be forged for full page.

Through careful interrogate: The dream that the bosom a few years ago is putting this man to get rich, work to Spain through illegal way. Because Spanish government is right in recent years the management of the factory is rigorous, these illegal workers live unusual hardship, in subterranean black factory they live the ordinary person's unthinkable life, income of every months only quite daily expense. Went a few years, deal with go abroad illegally charge of owes a huge sum still fails to repay, the dream that get rich is thoroughly undone. Leave home a few years, breaking up one's family, into not apply goes out, he wanted to come home... but, in foreman threaten below, he dare not gain legal status through normal approach, be forced to be changed through charge for the making of sth. passport, what have not thinks work laboriously is changed with sweat and toil is this false passport however... here, his sound choked with sobs...

Here, edge check policeman reminds those to work to going abroad the person that has an illusion, of not credulous and illegal intermediary incite and incendiary, leave the country through illegal means deceive or mislead people, affect national figure not only, can bring about finally only lose a family fortune, the family that still can destroy oneself is happy. (Liu Lili) net of Wuhan ticket Wu