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From 2007 age aviation is entered be stationed in Zhengzhou new Zheng International Airport () of abbreviation Zhengzhou airport, pull open the big behind the curtain that aviation of Zhengzhou low cost develops, zhengzhou airport is considering wanting to build port of hub of low cost aviation all the time, took the lead in enabling country in March this year first cheap await machine building. But at present, this is awaited there is age aviation only inside machine building an airline is entered halt, fall since two airliners everyday. How should harbor of hub of low cost aviation make Zhengzhou?

Yesterday, in national civil aviation bureau take the lead below, appropriate of Singapore camphor tree International Airport and much home international are cheap the tycoon of airline, copolymerization Zhengzhou, how should the airport make the harbor of hub of low cost aviation that fits him pattern undertake discussing with respect to Zhengzhou. □ signs up for reporter Zhang Yaping today / Wen Qiuqi / graph

[awkward situation]

Cheap await machine building, have two flight numbers only everyday

2007, age aviation is entered be stationed in Zhengzhou airport, 99 yuan fly on the sea, those who pulled open development of aviation of Zhengzhou low cost is prelusive; On March 30, 2008, zhengzhou airport took the lead in enabling domestic head home again cheap await machine building, make known his position clearly to want to build port of hub of low cost aviation. But current current situation is, of 1500 square metre await machine building only an airline enters age aviation halt, everyday two airliners berth, this leaves the target of harbor of hub of low cost aviation a bit distant.

More those who make a person awkward is, at present home has age aviation only this one cheap airline, have 8 planes only at present. If illuminate this career progress to go down, zhengzhou airport should let person of 98 million Henan sit to have the dream of the plane, be theoretic only?

[authoritative investigation]

Fare low 1/3, 90% tourist wish by air

"We had made investigation, 90% other way happen the tourist of travel to express, if fare of more traditional airline is low the word of 1/3, they will change direction take a plane to go out row. " go up in the seminar yesterday, ren Chaoying of director of center of technology of safety of aviation of bureau of Chinese civil aviation says, level of our country per capita is low, the plane still is the option that a lot of business affairs give a public figure, mix to average fare go out for the person of travel, low cost aviation still is their first choice. He still says, in the passenger that goes through investigating discovery to go out in official business, the person that also has 68% is willing to choose low cost aviation.

Collaboration of international of bureau of Chinese civil aviation manages vice director Wu Zhouhong makes known his position clearly also to this to say, low cost aviation is accorded with " it is with the person this " concept, it is the beneficial complement of network of traditional key position airline, the country encourages airline to explore low cost operation pattern, let more people sit to remove a plane.
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