Airport of border of Chongqing prosperous northland is introduced big new China
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Chen Huan reports question of our newspaper Nanchang: On October 26, system of countrywide civil aviaton is about to undertake airliner change garments according to the season works, the airliner plans executive 2008-2009 Nian Qiudong, and the transport power that Nanchang airport also will have new airliner to increase big talk respect. Since 26 days, big new China rapid movement will be in airport of border of Nanchang prosperous northland to add Nanchang newly, big talk airliner, daily one, 15:2 of Nanchang takeoff time0; 16:0 of big talk takeoff time0, two hours fly in road.

Big new China rapid movement airline (the following abbreviation " big new China rapid movement " ) it is China's at present biggest branch line airline, company You Haihang group and Hainan aviation Inc. are collective and contributive build, hanged out his shingle in Tianjin 2007 hold water. Big new China rapid movement owns plane of 45 branch line in all, wait for jet-propelled plane for D328, ERJ145, E190 entirely. Up to now, big new China rapid movement built Tianjin, Xi'an, Beijing to wait for base of movement of nine aviation battalion early or late, route network already spread all over countrywide each district, opened domestic line more than 80, city of be open to navigation or air traffic 55. Big new China a travel that the affiliation of rapid movement will give Nanchang the citizen provide more advantage and material benefit, the passenger is nodded in representative of each airline ticket all can buy this airliner airline ticket. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu