Xinjiang airport: Not pocket the money one picks up suffers the member that prot
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This net dispatch (reporter: Li Jianxin Wang Jifeng) on October 14, 2008 morning, xinjiang airport (group) ministry of bodyguard of company fire protection (" of ministry of bodyguard of fire control of " of the following abbreviation) received one side embroider to have " not pocket the money one picks up, the silk banner of consecratory love " , what this silk banner is including employee of pair of department of bodyguard of airport fire control is deep gratitude, what acknowledgment leads pair of workers is arduous breed, thank group company to be with the guest more honour company culture.

On October 11, 2008 in the evening 22: 35 minutes, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad precious of the member that disappear defends the parking lot that defend a department protects clean learns a comrade to be in a parking lot in perambulatory process, discover the boot of an unmanned claim, she presses what issue as before shows doubtful case strictly to deal with program, rapid to be on duty leadership report, undertake alert to the spot, control other personnel to stand by, wait to be on duty that day the leader arrives at spot processing. Through safe examination, affirm the circumstance that does not have dangerous article falls, seasonable to await report of room of machine building broadcast, issue announcement of the enlightenment that find thing, owner of lost property was sought inside shorter time, remand article original owner.

Since this year, ministry of fire control bodyguard is carried out seriously fulfil group company " to serve year of " activity subtly, "Group of service of parking lot of Gong Jian " begins " of demonstrative hillock of civilization of " female worker actively to establish an activity, model hillock of post of female employee base oneself upon, love to respect course of study, assiduous do solid work, build result the brand-new image that establishs line of business. The moral sentiment with the exalted member that Hu Zhen learned the behavior of like-minded not pocket the money one picks up to show female Bao Jie adequately and favorable mental view. Wuhan ticket Wu net