Freeway of Urumqi International Airport is enlightened
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This net dispatch freeway of Urumqi International Airport already debutted formally on October 15. As a result of Urumqi International Airport 3 period change the engineering construction need such as extend trestle, classics municipality traffic builds management board approval, have way of high speed of airport of pass in and out from September 20, 2007 no entry.

Current, each relevant project item is main construction ends, a section of a highway of high speed of airport of pass in and out already had requirement of be open to traffic. The harmony that runs detachment and management department of airport parking lot in transportation of high speed road and cooperate to fall, this a section of a highway restored formally to pass through on October 15, 2008, its enlightened and convenient car is fast building of station of boat of airport of pass in and out, alleviated greatly pressure of traffic of viatic of International Airport of Urumqi of pass in and out of Jing Yingbin road, seized the opportunity to bring to the passenger convenient. (Li Jianxin Wang Jifeng) net of Wuhan ticket Wu