Line of international of airport of Pudong of the Dong Hang since 15 days is ove
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Wei Jiao of Meng Jin of reporter of website of news of civil aviaton of newspaper of Chinese civil aviaton, China, reporter reports: Try in what pass a month after moving, the bar of 48 values opportunity of course of international of airport of Dong Hang Pudong rose to execute communal bar formally to do ticket form in the round on October 15. This innovation reflected Dong Hang to serve more human nature is changed, internationalization. During travel trying luck, this kind of communal bar did ticket form to endure " smoothly the test of 11 " golden week, sufficient test and verify the advanced sex that communal bar does ticket form, feasibility.

Of communal bar carry out, shortened on great rate the passenger is dealt with board the plane when formalities queue up to expect time, the international that the passenger wants to enter Dong Hang only manages the area of ticket counter, the staff member that can have Dong Hang goes to passenger guiding actively before bar; The passenger that reachs the airport early also need not await an airliner to begin hard again, can follow along with do. To airline, also can use airport allocation resource effectively, raise the daily utilization rate of sectional bar, reduce company cost.

This year 11 " of " are the first golden week that after our country grows false system to reform, receives, consequently a lot of passengers the place of a travel was in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and abroad surely. According to statistic, to October 3 the average guest rate of airliner of international of Pudong Dong Hang setting out achieved 90 % on September 26, during airliner height guest is led more achieved 98 % , handled nearly 3000 passengers to 10 o'clock from 7 o'clock 28 days in the morning only.

Face the passenger flow of roll in, ministry of Pudong passenger transport is ad cool-headed answer. They against a rainy day, arrange personnel ahead of schedule allocate complement, weave reasonably according to forecasting pair of bar to undertake and augment, had made the preparation on relevant thought to employee. During the height, transfer manpower resource more adequately, agile and reasonable allocation the use of bar, seasonable channel communication ceases between employee, decisive processing all sorts of sudden incident, made sure the standard feature of every airliner is shut, guaranteed the passenger transportation job during the golden week satisfactorily. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu