Seize the opportunity to consign baggage to lose to cannot change clothes passen
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On October 12 midday, mr Zhang family goes to Hangzhou 5 times travelling by plane, one discovers two boxes that consign along with the airliner became little however after descending to Hangzhou, contain in this case of family person articles for daily use. And the baggage branch of International Airport of Hangzhou Xiao Shan also informs Mr Zhang to say to had not received this luggage at all, then in two days of time of after this, mr Zhang is searching this all the time " lose " baggage.

Introduce according to Mr Zhang, on October 12, mr Zhang take Inc. of China International aviation 5 times (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) CA1702 airliner heads for Hangzhou to travel. Mr Zhang undertook two baggage consigning. These two baggage are parted to affix number to be " 526622 " and " 526623 " two pieces of baggage consign a ticket. Or so airliner descended at 12 o'clock midday after Hangzhou, mr Zhang waited a long time, however when a number " 526623 " baggage, that " 526622 " the biggest boot disappears tardy. This boot is installing a family to be in Hangzhou all articles for daily use during, include to change wash clothings, medicines and chemical reagents. This makes Mr Zhang very anxious. He asks the baggage of airport of ask desolate hill the department instantly, be informed however " the airport had not received this luggage at all " .

Because articles for daily use is full missing, mr Zhang is in Hangzhou the journey got be affected badly, "All changing wash clothings, the commonly used drug that still has a child must be bought afresh, very no-go. " Mr Zhang says.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter asks capital of Beijing of ask country boat the International Airport to baggage inquires a branch. Staff member prevent the lady expresses, in the process that baggage carries engine room through conveyer belt from value opportunity bar, the luggage check has the possibility that is scraped, and this meeting brings about baggage to be not sent plane of Shanghai Airline class. They can receive such a lot of luggage everyday.

Du Nv person expresses to had seen the baggage of respect of field of international of machine of Hangzhou desolate hill inquires a record, they will will assist the baggage branch that checks an announcement to send the airport inside other each country, strive for can find. In the meantime, after Du Nv person also states Mr Zhang answers Beijing, can leave by Xiao Shan International Airport go out " record of baggage carriage accident is single " head for a country the baggage of boat inquires a branch on the spot him claim baggage. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu