Attune of spring of capital airport winter decreases an airliner to be about to
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Reporter from bureau of Chinese civil aviation (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, the following abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) understanding arrives, be all set of job of change garments according to the season of airliner of civil aviaton of whole nation of season of 2008/2009 Nian Dongchun boat, the airliner plans to will come to will be carried out on March 28, 2009 from October 26, 2008. The Beijing capital International Airport that portion attune decreased in August 2007 (the following abbreviation " capital airport " ) airliner of season of wintry Chun Hang, the Xin Dongchun that plan shortly will carry out restores entirely in plan of boat season airliner.

According to arrangement of civil aviation bureau, season of 2008/2009 Nian Dongchun boat, except continue to be opposite 10 focal points such as Pudong of bridge of rainbow of Beijing capital, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming are busy the airport continues to implement flight number of adjusting control of gross of daily scheduled flight and course outside approve management, press to the course airliner of other airport register carry out put on record management. Between airport of adjusting control of 130 many blame each airline can press the program that register, course of start of proper motion of take into consideration the circumstances or increase number of secret flight number.

Line of home of new monarch of season of 2008/2009 Nian Dongchun boat 4, international course 13. The basis discharges decided airliner plan, boat of the whole people of season of 2008/2009 Nian Dongchun boat flight number of home of scheduling of airline of 24 passenger transport is weekly 30872, airliner of course of international of domestic airline scheduling is weekly 3135, country of be open to navigation or air traffic 50, city of be open to navigation or air traffic 109; Inland 37 cities and Hong Kong / 1113 scheduled flights are scheduled every week between Macao. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu