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Go out by plane row, convenient and quick. Can how can a lot of passenger concern encounter a few problems not to know to solve? For instance, is necessary cosmetic taken how? Where is the dress check with redundant winter? Does the car that drives not to go give do not give deposit? On October 14, the reporter interviewed Shenyang peach celestial being with respect to pertinent question International Airport (the following abbreviation " airport of peach celestial being " ) relevant section, it is difficult that the multinomial characteristic service that is informed the airport to offer can discharge care to solve for the passenger.

A few cosmetic are portable

According to introducing, seizing the opportunity to carry cosmetic problem is the problem that a lot of passengers often encounter. Press civil aviaton regulation, the guest that takes domestic scheduled flight is uniform prohibit carrying liquid state article, but can deal with make use, its are packed should accord with civil aviaton to carry concerned provision. The passenger carries the cosmetic of a few journey for private use, every kinds of cosmetic is restricted to take, its container volume must not exceed 100 milliliter, answer inside park independence bag, accept bottle of inspection.

Clew: The baby lets the passenger of travel, when buying a ticket, can apply for to airline, offer liquid state dairy produce freely on machine by airline; Diabetic or other patient carry indispensible liquid state drug, affirm via safe examination undoubted hind, hand in keep by aircrew.

Winter can put a coat freely

Winter north is cold, the passenger goes out to want to put on coat drive commonly cold, and in air temperature of southern and other places opposite taller, the content of drive winter clothing such as the coat is not used at all, taking no-go also. If be brought back by relatives and friends, aspic still must suffer when returning the plane below Shenyang in the future. Airport of peach celestial being for convenient passenger, roll out in winter " winter warmth goes " service, after the passenger reachs the airport, can deal with free check coat by boarding check, proof of the extraction that get. If the passenger prepares to return Shenyang from the other place, can call beforehand make an appointment, inform date of date, airliner to wait, the service personnel of the airport can wait for the coat send a plane to give hatch, the plane below lest passenger suffers aspic.

Clew: Any article that carry to prohibiting seizing the opportunity, the airport does not grant check, can by send the relatives and friends of machine to proper motion is brought back or be done abandon processing oneself. The passenger seizes the opportunity not to carry contraband.

Day and night puts a car to be followed along with take

Parking lot of airport of peach celestial being offers motor vehicle to jockey service. Put a car here, need not be entered when too early or concern is too late jockey inside the parking lot, because airport parking lot is round-the-clock,24 hours are opened, have security of car of guard of person specially assigned for a task. Also need not fear car produces cut to touch inside the parking lot (the individual drives reason except) or the spare parts is missing wait for a circumstance, because the airport is opposite all entrance,car is united join insurance (this charge does not need a passenger to pay) , once produce similar incident, according to the real value of loss article, the loss is in 200 yuan in, the parking lot can deliver to compensation spot the passenger directly; The loss exceeds 200 yuan, insurance company can be in a hour undertake assessment to the loss to the spot, after evaluating, can repair to designation major place repair, charge is assumed completely by insurance company.
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