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Position of hub of depressed Shanghai aviation suffers airline outstanding achie
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Should see, it is very adverse that the aviation industry property right that is based on administrative framework and administrative system build international aviation key position to Shanghai. Shanghai should the bosom with sea Na Baichuan, the spirit of active service will dissolve this kind of market to leave mental efforts, the aggrandizement service to circumjacent market function, such ability cultivate a more powerful industry, make integral strategy of the country is able to come true.

Because airline outstanding achievement is depressed, the competition of circumjacent airport and market leave mental efforts increase, shanghai builds the strategic goal of international aviation hub to be being challenged.

2004 the end of the year, " strategy of Shanghai aviation hub plans " obtain a country formally to pass. According to this one program, the overall objective that Shanghai aviation hub builds is: Strive to pass a certain number of year hard, compose builds network of perfect domestic international route, make the door in the sky of join world each district and China, build the core key position of Asia-Pacific area, become the important node of world aviation network finally.

According to this one target, shanghai aviation industry arrived 2008 passenger handling capacity should reach 84 million person 2010, port's cargo throughput achieves 41 million tons. 2007, handling capacity of Shanghai airport passenger reachs the 51.56 million person of record-breaking, but the goal that should achieve 84 million person, future should keep 2 years adjacent between a long time the growth of 20% , in global aviation industry dejected circumstance falls, achieve this one goal apparent and special hardship.

Differ to choosing route with the dot, the route network that connection of by aviation hub rises can provide more efficient and quick service, make airline apt chooses it to regard course as destination, passenger apt chooses it to regard change trains as harbor. The establish of shipping center position affects overall competition ability of the city, if the position of international aviation hub of Shanghai is final cannot establish, to the city of Shanghai the position will be serious blow, also can make the implementation of goal of national whole strategy is deferred.

The heel of aviation hub

Compare with photograph of harbor of hub of other international aviation, the difference of Shanghai is apparent.

According to International Airport association (ACI) statistic, in international passenger's most 2007 before 10 big airports, asia-Pacific area holds 5 seat, it is Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo respectively, enlighten do obeisance to, Bangkok, shanghai rank is in the whole world 30 later. Take in and send out in large quantities in passenger transport gross respect, shanghai still also is in the whole world 30 besides, and Beijing criterion the passenger traffic volume with 5300 much person-time, than going up year of increase rate that the corresponding period increases 10.1% row whole world the 9th (see a table 1) .
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