3 big airports " hair force " attract different ground traveling trader
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White cloud airport goes out take a settle or live in a strange place, on August 1, white cloud airport is in bead the different ground with the biggest triangle awaits machine building to hold water at Fosan. The airport says about the personage, the airport will be in bead trigonometry establishs 16 different ground to await machine building in all, open special railway line of 25 passenger transport.

   Deep harbor forms an alliance roll out service of passenger change trains

On October 8, hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen Baoan airport announce " change trains of port deep airport serves " the plan is started formally. It is reported, first participation " change trains of deep port airport serves " airline in all 13, include 9 airline of inland among them.

According to divulging, two ground government is studying deep harbor International Airport of Baoan of Shenzhen of build railroad join and horn of 鱲 of Hong Kong bare the plan of the International Airport, this one plan involves deep harbor the railroad between two airports 30 kilometers, the whole journey after building needs 20 minutes only, use " two check " mode.

As we have learned at present Dongguan has about 2.7 million passenger every year to seize the opportunity to go out row, among them each 1 million choose Guangzhou and Shenzhen, have 700 thousand choice additionally from Hong Kong leave a country.

   Goods of ground of different of open up of white cloud airport stands

It is reported, white cloud airport is growing the pace of freight quickly. At present bead trigonometry is the aviation supply of goods with the biggest inland makes the land, big bead trigonometry generates air-freight quantity every year to be 5 million ~600 about 10 thousand tons, to 2010 this number will achieve 10 million tons, and the profit of air-freight profit of outclass passenger transport.

Since 2007 airport respect announces to will send force to make Asia-Pacific air-freight key position. After this half an year is much inside, white cloud airport stands except goods of ground of different of open up Dongguan, still wait for generation of numerous and large goods to sign strategic alliance with international of Hong Kong EI, confederative freight, whole world, Bailingdu. Center of have a change of luck of Asia-Pacific of FedEx of the end of the year is about to throw use.

This year the collaboration of deep port airport May 19 combines specific responsibility group the 2nd times on formal meeting, two airports signed deep harbor " memorandum of collaboration of freight transport of deep port airport " . According to divulging, harbor is deep two airports build cooperation " goods is not had seam passageway of fast change trains " , connect through optimizing close formalities to realize deep port airport between of goods be on the move quickly.

Suffer economy of current whole world to put delay, exit to be decreased suddenly however wait for an influence, bead trigonometry supply of goods or the situation occurrence atrophy. "Actually bead a few big airports have trigonometry each advantage, airport of white cloud of no less than and Hong Kong airport are same, strong at outback course, one grows at international course, should avoid coessential spend competition, adopt cooperative ability to achieve only final win more. " the expert inside course of study says so.
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