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In machine of blast of phoenix airport threaten by arrest regret of 5 days of pa

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This net dispatch: On October 18, some is in passenger king 3 inferior the mouth when phoenix International Airport has safe examination not choose character, threaten should blow up a plane, the airport installs check personnel and mechanism of airport public security to undertake controlling to its instantly, be in according to party of relevant law accord with administration 5 days of punishment that detain.

18 days, wang Mou contains what a bottle of cubage is 200ml to wash hair dew in baggage. According to regulation of civil aviation bureau, patience of the member that phoenix airport installs check undertakes explanatory: This bottle washs hair dew to cannot be carried, can deal with consign formalities. Wang Mou mood is unusually excited, do not grant to cooperate, scold the personnel that install check overbearingly not only, and still provoke publicly twice aloud: "I go really you also do not seize scamper plane I! "It is normal that the personnel that install check affects the spot that install check badly to its the words and deeds of order undertook admonitory, consistent namely to await machine building police station to call the police.

After the police is present, wang Mou still very aggressive, refus is not accepted teach and persuade, bringing check scene again in public loudly clamour: "I go today scamper plane goes! "The police hears character to subdue its on the spot with the personnel that install check instantly. Be taken after awaiting machine building police station, wang Mou explains him at once is disposition only impatient and the mouth gives Munchausen, not be true plane wanting flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil.

Via examining, mechanism of airport public security distributes to Wang Mou lawfully the place of words and deeds of horrible information detains punishment of 5 days with administration. Wang Mou can'ts help weeping, installing the illegal words and deeds with check imprudent and madcap spot to be changed to oneself detain regret incessantly, but when be late already.

The processing of this incident, reflected phoenix airport adequately to install the high responsibility heart of check and personnel of airport public security bureau, showed the spirit respecting property with the serious and rigid system, close check, responsible, meticulous personnel that install check, revealed what personnel of airport public security encounters special situation to deal with ability and the extremely high spirit that respect property. The secure job that is phoenix airport provided the strongest safeguard. (Chen Rong) net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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