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The 2nd high height above sea level of world the airport 22 days of formal be op

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(Li Dejing of trainee of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of Liu of reporter of Sichuan news network) 4280 meters! On October 22 morning 9 when 45 minutes, plane of a Dong Hangbo sound is flown to from Chengdu health calm, descend smoothly in health calm airport altitude on 4280 meters of aircraft parking area, proclaimed the airport of the 2nd high height above sea level of this world is formal be open to navigation or air traffic.

   Plane of Dong Hangbo sound descends smoothly health calm airport

"From henceforth pleasant Zi city will leave the history that does not have the airport, arrive from Chengdu through the passageway in sky love song birthplace health those who decide is itinerary will shorten, gan Zi will welcome new opportunity! " health calm airport chief says excitedly when accepting reporter of Sichuan news network to interview.

It is reported, health city of Zi of pleasant of office of calm machine field thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located health the northwest that decide a county is folded mountainous on, altitude 4280 meters, height above sea level is next to Chang Doubang of 4334 meters Tibet of airport of world top height above sea level to amount to. Laid grows 4000 meters in the airport runway on platform of layer of natural frozen earth, the requirement can fall since the type such as contented Boeing and empty guest. The airport designs year of passenger handling capacity to be 330 thousand person-time, goods mails handling capacity 1980 tons.

According to introducing, health calm airport builds around last a period of time 14 years to start working from early days optional location, program, always invest close billion. Health calm airport on September 7, 2006 start working is built, on October 28, 2007 by the country boat hold the empty guest that fly from Chengdu shakedown health succeed surely, whole journey costs 35 minutes.

Health calm airport is apart from Kang Dingsi 10 kilometers, among them more than 30 kilometers rely on former state to upgrade transform. After been transform, drive 40 minutes to be able to sail from the airport amount to health calm. In addition, around health calm airport is building the airport to the tower fair, airport comes travel link line of Mugecuo, the half an hour after be open to traffic arrives the tower is fair. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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