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Sea boat group is mandatory make new calling card of Hainan travel brand

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Tan Yuping of Zhao Xiaobing of reporter of website of news of civil aviaton of newspaper office of Chinese civil aviaton, China, reporter reports: Recently, the travel of boat of the sea that protect booth of subordinate of sea boat group develops limited company and Hainan to protected government of people of autonomous county of Miao Zu of booth the Li nationality to sign park of forest of country of hot spring of mountain of 7 celestial being---Area of scene of travel of countryside of feeling of area of scene of travel of 8 villagers common, wool entrusts operation government agreement 30 years, sea boat group uses investment billions of yuan at scene area to develop construction, build travel of a be in harmony to go vacationing, health body lies fallow and live the has distinguishing feature of hot spring of intertropical country rain forest 4A class view that is an organic whole scenic spot area. This will become sea boat group to make the new calling card of Hainan travel brand, also blow the bugle call that Hai Hang real estate becomes a development in Hainan area land.

It is reported, according to this mandatory moving agreement, area of scene of two big travel will be in area of scene of travel of countryside of feeling of area of scene of travel of 8 villagers common, wool below local government dominant, unite business of program, unified action, unified development, unified undertake commission operation management; By the Hai Hang that protect booth travel development limited company is in charge of this scene area compasses of detailed of sex of overall planning, control weaves and be being repaired make up and the construction of establishment of construction of tourist attraction of area of tourism infrastructure construction, scene and travel of form a complete set. Its operation manages deadline to be 30 years (came in October 2008 namely in October 2038) , in deduct construction, manage, after administrative cost and relevant duty are expended, bilateral according to the agreement prorata accrual of scene district operation.

As we have learned, be in early this year on June 15, limited company of development of travel of boat of the sea that protect booth is garrisoned formally already the county that protect booth, support and take seriously what guaranteeing government of booth county people and sea boat group below, current and mandatory job is undertaking in order. Park of forest of hot spring of country of mountain of 7 celestial being is located in northeast outskirt of the county that protect booth, it is the travel area that Hainan province develops mainly not only, also be Hainan at the same time the province is recommended declare national hair to change appoint with national tourism bureau " Chinese travel develops first project " . Area of scene of 8 villagers common is apart from 30 kilometers of county, there is the garden of amorous feelings of strange peak, brook, chute, virgin forest, 9 Long Gurong, folk-customs, areca, distinguishing feature such as rurality inside the area, have those who protect booth quite " channel of 9 stockaded village " say. Scene area can be 20 square kilometer about for operation area (30 thousand mus) , can use the project builds to already was covered an area of inside the ground 4% (about 1000 mus) , can use the ground to occupy gross area about 16% (about 4800 mus) . Area of travel of wool feeling countryside can be 100 square kilometer about for operation area, water of hole of dot, Mao La adds Long Dongjing of tourist attraction of stone forest of You Xianan of area of its medium shot, celestial being scenery of library region scenery with hills and waters, move arboretum, hunting the part such as shooting and virgin forest is comprised. Draft whole to build dimensions gross area to be 320 hectare, among them: Celestial being installs stone forest tourist attraction 33.3 hectare, celestial being Long Dongjing nods 6.67 hectare, reservoir landscape tourist attraction 166.67 hectare, move plant tourist attraction 33.3 hectare, chase a 13.3 hectare, virgin forest 66.67 hectare, occupy gross area about 3.2% .

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