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Auspicious roc aviation buys new aircraft again

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Yunnan TV network reported on October 19, 2008: October 17 in the evening, yunnan auspicious roc aviation is finite liability company (Lucky Air Co. , ltd. , abbreviation " auspicious roc aviation " ) investment of introduced the 8th plane is used, also will restore Kunming to arrive at the near future 3 inferior, Kunming arrives to Xi'an and Kunming the course of Dalian.

In the evening 11:8, a safety of plane of brand-new Boeing 737-700 that is fully loaded with a passenger descends in International Airport of Kunming Wu Jiaba, this curassow is Yunnan auspicious roc the 8th plane that finite liability company introduces aviation, it is current auspicious roc the first takes first-class stateroom cabin plane with subordinate aviation. Have the cabin seat or berth such as 12 build and 112 common shipping space, it will throw country with its companion each are big course. Pilot Chen Tao says, this new aircraft is the largest differring is the belt on wing alula, its biggest effect reduces oil of obstruction, province namely, if strong air current is encountered when flying in sky, its stability also can have been compared.

This month 20 auspicious roc aviation will restore Kunming to arrive 3 inferior arrive with Kunming the course of Xi'an, still will open Kunming to arrive at the near future at the same time the course of Dalian. Disclose according to relevant personage, auspicious roc the sea boat group with subject aviation is preparing to construct at present Yunnan aviation Inc. . Be in early this year June 7, yunnan saves state-owned asset to control administrative committee (the following abbreviation " national endowment appoint " ) with limited company of Hai Hang group (HNA Group, the following abbreviation " sea boat group " ) undertook signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement, on the press conference, yunnan saves national endowment appoint chief expresses, new established Yunnan aviation falls with division of sea boat group auspicious roc aviation gives priority to body, the big Xin Huahang that saves government and division of sea boat group to fall by Yunnan is noted jointly for nothing endowment hold water, accuse for nothing by big Xin Huahang manage, make figure of Yunnan aviation mainland with all one's strength. Prepare to construct at present circumstance and progress, auspicious roc aviation is done not have make a response. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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