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Below sea boat division 7 companies are shared brand-new constant passenger rewa

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This net dispatch: Hai Hang announced to finish pair of Hai Hang already satisfactorily a few days ago the conformity that constant passenger award plans below group division 7 airline. Since October 28, "Golden roc club " will regard Hainan as aviation, big Xin Huahang empty, big new China rapid movement aviation, auspicious roc aviation, western aviation, Hong Kong aviation and Hong Kong carry quickly aviation is common and only constant passenger rewards a plan, golden roc member can choose random an airline accumulates course of development and exchange free of charge. At the appointed time, brand-new application form of card of the Logo of the design, member, initiate also will subsequently fresh give heat.

According to Jin Peng the club concerns chief introduction, this conformity will make the aviation network of golden roc club more formidable and perfect. The route network of 7 members airline spreads all over global each district, it is operation base with 11 cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Xi'an, big talk, Taiyuan, have domestic and international line more than 500, city of be open to navigation or air traffic 100 many, include Berlin of = of Brussels of = of Budapest of = of Osaka of = of Beijing = Xi Yatu, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing among them, 3 inferior the course of more than 10 international such as kuala lumpur of = of = Seoul, Hong Kong, after conformity, through Jin Peng the network of club member airline covers the service standard with consistency, broad membership can choose more destination at will, more the airliner hour of actor, better flight number joins, more favourable aviation fare, more simplify order a formalities and more harmonious and consistent ground service.

This chief says, club of the Jin Peng after conformity devotes oneself to to make a home best, most the innovation, most convenient constant passenger rewards a plan, make us broad the member obtains more high quality aviation from which service and more the award of overflow is passed on.

   Best: Tall accumulate course of development low change a standard

It is reported, at present the course of development of golden roc club is accumulated reach changing a standard is home numerous in plan of constant passenger award most favourable. Be like, domestic flight number 4 change the course that reachs above airline ticket to be able to accumulate at least 50 % , the 200 % that first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin and total value tourist class can be apart from according to actual flight, 150 % accumulate course of development with 125 % , such accumulation the standard wants left and right sides of tower above 25%-50% more on average than domestic other airline.

Additional, be in golden roc club, with tall those who accumulate standard correspondence is low change standard and substantial money reward to taste sort. The member accumulates hind of course of development to be able to begin very easily to change award to taste, changing a threshold because of what Jin Peng club installs is 3000 course of development merely, after average fare flies to what range course waits in a home to make a round trip, can achieve. Golden roc member can change free airline ticket with course of development, rise cabin, hundreds kinds of life such as product of hotel housing and high-quality goods magazine, electron, cosmetic is rewarded, change a standard to go up to want privilege at domestic other airline relatively -- the product of same price, of other country airline change the price to be golden roc club mostly 2 times the left and right sides.

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