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Contest of application of spoken English of branch of Dalian of the 20 boat aust

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This net dispatch: Through 3 intense contend, spoken English of " of boat Dalian branch applies contest " to issue heavy curtain at falling on October 20 south. Cent obtains delegation of factory of maintenance of market sale ministry and ministry of ground service safeguard, plane coronal, runner-up.

8 delegations of this second contest come from Dalian branch each unit, in all 30 players attend, last a period of time two weeks.

Match setting cent is surely answering question, multiple choice, grab answering question, scene to reveal, 5 link such as risk problem.

Need answering question demonstrates the player's strong English basic skill, grab answering question link particularly nervous, each team player not only want a look the head is fast, fast more should swift-handed, a few bouts come down difference of each team mark is pulled open gradually.

Most wonderful and touching is the scene shows segment, the scene of plane maintenance factory is revealed " jeopardy sees the real situation " , be it is setting with real event, it is prop with dialogue of world great musical composition, English, emersion "5.12" of care of leader of factory of maintenance of Dalian branch plane, care after shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, family member of stricken be hit by a natural adversity staff will connect the true setting that take refugee. The scene of Olympic Games subject matter of market department reveals a people from have not the Olympic Games upsurge of subsidise pullbacks agonistic site.

The risk discusses a problem, all-around assessment player is integrated quality, the language that assesses a player already conveys ability, analysis ability, check capability of eye shot height of the player, logistic thinking even, reflect internationalization feature even at the same time.

Race site still established an audience to participate in answering question link, the audience is participated in degree tall, resonant and enthusiastic.

Two matches of half hours, or static, or move, or tirelessly path comes, or passion is sodorous, or Chan Chan brook, or climax happen frequently, the game that wonderful confused shows, let commissioner expect be less than, make an audience big breathe out satisfy a craving.

Make internationalization dimensions network airline, it is the important task of bear of 60 thousand Na Hang's person. The service that this second activity aims to promote Dalian the branch in the round with standard of " internationalization " manages character, the English talent with outstanding choose, be in complete member in the good atmosphere that builds study English, promote company core competitive capability. (Ling Xingdong, Zhang Wei / article Wang Youmian / photograph) net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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