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Hainan airline obtains safety of civil aviaton flight 2 stars award

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This net dispatch (reporter Wu Fan) the reporter learns from Hainan aviation, on October 16 afternoon 15 when, in sea boat big talk multi-purpose building of beauty orchid base 5 buildings assembly room, "Civil aviaton flight is safe 2 stars award " prize-giving ceremony is held ceremoniously. In the civil aviation bureau south Hainan of Chen Shugen of deputy director general of district management board, civil aviaton installs inspect to do An Yingze of director Wang Guiyang, vice director, the Mou Weigang of Wang Yingming of president of Hainan aviation Inc. , vice-president and department of Hai Hangfei travel, ministry that bring watch, guard the relevant section leader such as the ministry to attend.

In prize-giving ceremonially, deputy director general of old tree root was sure Hainan aviation is in in recent years adequately aviation is safe, the exceedingly good result that each work and obtains what flight safety makes especially. Wang Yingming of Hainan aviation president is right in civil aviation bureau, civil aviaton south the bureau accredit to Hai Hang and affirmation thanks, he introduced Hai Hang in recent years run each character, measure that increases flight safety to manage place to adopt to promote security, express to will be chance with this, continue to perfect flight security system and systematic construction, promote safe level of management, to promote our country civil aviaton flight safety in the round the level contributes greater power. Finally, in enthusiastic applause, chen Shugen deputy director general awards flight safety medal for Wang Yingming of Hai Hang's president.

As we have learned, operation of sea ship set sail held good safe record 15 years, did not produce flight accident one case, achieve an accident for many times symptomatic 10 thousand when rate for the outstanding and safe outstanding achievement of 0, 2000, 2003, captured 3 times 2007 award of safe production of Chinese civil aviaton -- " Jin Ying cup " , the Xin Huahang below sea boat division carried off for nothing 2001 award of safe production of Chinese civil aviaton -- " Jin Yan cup " , hai Hang was with one action more 2006 award of safety of aviation of boat of the countryman in carrying off " Jin Peng cup " . On December 31, 2006, the beautiful accomplishment that Hai Hang flies one million six hundred and sixty-two thousand three hundred hours with successive safety is had the honor to win " the flight is safe one star award " . Up to to September 30, 2008, hai Hang flies two million one hundred and thirty-nine thousand nine hundred hours with successive safety, pick again " the flight is safe 2 stars award " laurel.

In recent years, hai Hang is abided by all the time " safe " , " on schedul " " comfortable " and " economy " flight personnel of principle, aggrandizement is safe responsibility consciousness, fulfil system of safety responsibility, strengthen safe system to build at the same time, build SMS safety to run a system, begin risk government deep, develop information of active report security inside entire company limits derate duty system, gather information of safe hidden trouble extensively and solve instantly. In addition attestation of standard of combinative IOSA international works, strengthen company safe examine and verify, conform with international standard.

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