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Aviation market is small confuse outstanding achievement to glide badly Dong Han

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"On the in-house meeting that attends 23 days month, the high level announces to will be executed complete member fall firewood, at the same time respecting this year the end of the year when, indebted rate can be achieved 100% . " Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) an employee that attended the meeting to " daily economy news " the reporter discloses.

When the reporter contacts afore-mentioned high levels, this high level denied the end of the year to the reporter indebted rate obtains the statement of 100% : "Had not said such word, as to fall firewood, also be to control the step that cost takes. Also be to control the step that cost takes..

"Regard home as one of 3 big airline, opposite at other two, dong Hang is to suffer in those days civil aviaton course of study recombines be a burden on the deepest. In addition, boat interiorly control manages body strung to also be put in the problem east, this is to cause Dong Hang nowadays is disconcerted two reasons with the mainest written complaint. " Zheng Qingping of analyst of heart state negotiable security expresses to the reporter so.

Execute complete member fall firewood

Recently, oriental aviation (600115.SH) released 3 quarters outstanding achievement has a deficit beforehand this year announcement, predicting company this year 1 will appear to the net profit with vest in possessory in September parent company bigger loss.

Dong Hang has a deficit beforehand in outstanding achievement express in announcement, because market of 3 quarters aviation is small this year,outstanding achievement drops basically is fan, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, carriage demand drops quickly, data of index of company main operation all appears to drop considerably compared to the same period; And the price of domestic aviation kerosene that moves on July 1 this year also brings about company operation cost to appear to rise considerably. In addition, dong Hang thinks evidence of global economic depression is clear, aviation demand glides the trend is short-term inside also change hard.

To Dong Hang's employee, the bad news is more than still hereat. "On the meeting that attends 23 days month to hold, company high level is mentioned, to this year the end of the year when, company indebted rate may be achieved 100% . In the meantime, will execute complete member reduce salary. " an employee that attended the meeting tells Dong Hang the reporter so.

Up to this year first half of the year, indebted rate already was as high as Dong Hang 95.23% , but accepting " daily economy news " when interviewing, this high level denied such statement: "Had not said such word, as to fall firewood, this also is to control the step that cost place takes only. This also is to control the step that cost place takes only..

Civil aviaton of be put into trouble recombines

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