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The airliner flies 3 hours to be complained to because the person is much more o

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Core clew: Can civil aviaton plane also overload? When why selling a bill to when why selling a bill, say? This is 13 day happening the odd thing in airline of Kunming airport east.

Yunnan net reported on October 14 yesterday (13 days) in the morning at 10 o'clock, mr Liu of skinful jack-o'-lantern hits into report of our newspaper hot line: "Sit to the plane before 3 hours, the plane is in aircraft parking area ' run ' a few paces, also had not moved again. Also had not moved again..

Mr Liu says, they at yesterday morning at 7 o'clock the 40 scheduled flights that take Oriental airline to fly to Jiangxi Nanchang from Kunming, board the plane process all the time very successful. When the plane prepares to take off, circuit was circled to stop in aircraft parking area. All passengers water of a mist, it is good to passed a long time, the staff member that just has a few Dong Hang comes round to explain, they say, as a result of weather reason, the plane cannot take off temporarily.

A lot of passengers special to this do not understand: "Why the plane of other airline can take off normally, and the airlines of additionally a few orders also can fly Dong Hang, why cannot fly with respect to this time of airliner? " Mr Liu with etc a few passengers and Dong Hang's staff member argue strongly, and the staff member is only tell them to cannot fly temporarily everywhere, ask them to understand.

Meanwhile, still a few staff members come round to examine the case of the plane ceaselessly. But the problem still did not get settlement, the plane continues to stop on aircraft parking area. 10:30, the staff member of ship company tells a passenger again east: "The plane overloaded, cannot fly so. " such explanation, cannot make more passenger be convinced: "How doesn't overload say when you sell a bill? "How doesn't overload say when you sell a bill??

such, bilateral all the time refuse to budge nearly 3 hours, at 11 o'clock 40, the plane just takes off from airport aircraft parking area, passengers were controlled at 3 o'clock afternoon arrive at Nanchang.

Explanation of working personnel of airline of Kunming airport east says, because weather and overweighted reason just must stay in Kunming,the plane is really, to other and specific issue, they do not wish to become an explanation more however. (Wang Zhuojiao) net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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