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Xiamen Airline stops classics of new enlightened Xiamen Huang Shan to Hefei trav

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To attract more Taiwan tourists to come travel of the Anhui province goes sightseeing, rose on October 16, one borrows Xiamen, yellow hill of the Anhui province, Hefei the travel resource of two ground and Taiwan travel market undertake the airway of the butt joint debuts formally, xiamen aviation limited company (Xiamen Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " Xiamen Airline " ) will enlightened on this course an aerial liner.

This airliner predicts 17:10 take off from Xiamen, 18:1Yellow hill of 0 be born, 18:55 leave port from Huang Shan, 19:35 arrive at Hefei; Hefei 20:25 return, 21:05 descend Huang Shan, 21:50 take off from Huang Shan, 22:55 arrive at Xiamen. Afore-mentioned airliners are weekly one, 4, 6 go back and forth between each one, first times of airliner is carried out on October 16, hold flying type is Boeing 737 planes.

As Xiamen and Taiwan two ground on the weekend the normalization of charter flight, more and more Taiwan tourists land Xiamen, it is each district of whole nation of base area diverge with Xiamen next. Hefei, Huang Shan travels regularly to Xiamen of charter flight enlightened, indicating the Anhui Shan Wanshui that is a delegate with Huang Shan, Hefei is high grade travel resource will be contended for grab this one market " cake " . Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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