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Na Hang " of 10 thousand meters of headroom sings motherland "(pursues)

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This net dispatch: Fall October, jin Feng sends bright- - on October 1, 2008, our great motherland greets National Day fete, ministry of cabin of Na Hang joint-stock company multiplies Wu the theme was held to greet National Day for " on the airliner of CZ3101 of the first airliner that crew of 3 youths civilized date flies to Beijing in Guangzhou, qing Huihuang, na Hang shares the activity of " as together as you, let all passenger can be the motherland to celebrate a red-letter day in 10 thousand meters of headroom together.

The 359 passengers enthusiasm on machine participated in what be this second airliner preparation technically insurgently to have award interlocution activity, in mobile process, a lot of passengers are accurate answered China to hold spirit of the 29th Olympic Games, " successfully 7 " are finished satisfactorily enter the space the task is China attract worldwide attention the problem of achievement, showed the attention of the common people passion to the motherland and major to the motherland event. Passengers think greatly in the process that answers a question a person of extraordinary powers. Be in finally of unit member drive, complete cabin passenger sang " loudly together vocal motherland " , in the singing with high-spirited passion, the heart of all Chinese arrived one case repeatedly. Passengers are intoxicated deeply in singing, for a long time cannot calm. (Li Baiwei) net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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