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Boat adjusts the country airliner plan happy event greets " 11 " golden week

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Xu Dexin) yesterday (24 days) , associated airline is flown to from Na Yuan airport 3 inferior because the airliner fails to take off on time, the passenger of the passenger that causes this flight number and other airliner is contended for grab a plane. Airport working personnel says, should do they were done, appear in that way situation makes a person regretful.

According to the passenger Mr Chen introduces, yesterday afternoon he former on 3 when Cong Nayuan airport flies to the scheduled flight that takes associated airline 30 minutes 3 inferior. 14 when make the airport inform a passenger, as a result of weather reason, chengdu double shed the airport to be shut temporarily, the plane that flies to Na Yuan airport by this ground by incur loss through delay, bring about fly to 3 inferior airliner behind schedule. After this, many 100 passenger of this airliner is rested to around hotel by arrangement. 16 when make, the airport informs the passenger prepares to take off, everybody was dealt with board the plane be in after formalities board the plane the mouth prepares to board the plane. "At that time the airport informs suddenly, this airliner changes flying Guangzhou. " the passenger such as Mr Chen looked at someone else to enter a plane helplessly. Later the explanation that the person such as Mr Chen receives says, be 3 inferior the airport is affected by the typhoon, their airliner once more behind schedule.

But passengers are informed through proper motion understanding, yesterday afternoon 3 inferior weather all the time better, feel the passenger that be decieved began to have a sentiment, reject to cooperate with airport respect, major passenger does not wish to return a hotel to wait again, continue to stop however in board the plane mouth, the airport must add clique security personnel and police to maintain order.

Last night 8 when make, the passenger that the airport informs to Cong Nayuan flies to Chongqing prepares to board the plane. Hear this news, head for 3 inferior the passenger erupted, emerge toward in succession board the plane the mouth asks to board the plane, as a result the passenger of two airliners produced conflict, "A few young passengers still developed boxing base. " Mr Chen says, spot police prevented bilateral limbs conflict in time, but 3 inferior the passenger still does not agree be apt to stops be willing to give up, continue to be in board the plane mouth and theory of airport working personnel, the situation is immersed in refuse to budge, everybody does not take two passengers.

A middleaged man that is see sb off of Chongqing airliner passenger says, this is he is encountered for the first time " grab a plane " thing, feel too mysterious, "We are right go 3 inferior the passenger expresses to sympathize with, but this is not the reason that affects other flight number. But this is not the reason that affects other flight number..

Confused during, the plane that comes from Chengdu drives Na Yuan to the airport eventually. Late 9 when make 30 minutes, fly to 3 inferior the airliner takes off eventually. Introduce according to Mr Chen, final they got the airport gives 200 yuan of paid compensation each.

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