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Na Hang head turns business of mobile phone aviation

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You need to take a mobile phone to send a short message to be able to be dealt with only now seize the opportunity formalities, return the place that can choose oneself to like, get boarding check to designation bar next. This is Na Hang newest austral short message is worth engine professional work, from September the bottom begins, na Hang will be in 28 airports enlightened short message deals with 27 cities of domestic that include Guangzhou inside seize the opportunity formalities business. And this also is Na Hang roll out after opportunity of machine of afterwards city market prise, the value on the net, self-help value opportunity another brand-new value engine professional work, it is reported, na Hang also is the airline that domestic head home rolls out this service.

Introduce according to Na Hang's staff member, the passenger can take off in the airliner before today 14: 00 before beginning to take off to the airliner one hour (Wuhan, Changchun can take off before two days in the airliner 14: 00 begin to deal with) send ZJ or " ? " to 95539, reply according to clew next 3-4 short message, can run the place on good chance according to individual be fond of. The passenger seizes the opportunity to be able to be in by the short message that day before not be later than an airliner to take off 30 minutes (big talk 40 minutes, bridge of Pudong, rainbow 45 minutes) to the airport Na Hang bar is changed get formal boarding check and consign baggage. Special situation can call to 95539 inquiries. Special remind everybody, service of aircraft of short message value applies to individual adult passenger to handle the domestic flight number that blame change trains and blame code share only at present, support shift and UniCom user at the same time, all be free.

Wanted to buy passenger ticket of Na Hang electron only, can be in bridge of rainbow of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenyang, Urumqi, Shenzhen, Dalian, Harbin, Changchun, Wuhan, Changsha, big talk, Guiyang, Shan head, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong, Guilin, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Zhuhai, Xi'an, Chengdu. (Xiao Jincheng of reporter Yang Yan's reporter) net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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