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Class of Ao Hang of southern airline experience leads boat of rank the whole peo

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Sina aviation dispatch Guangzhou news reporter learned from Na Hang today on September 24, 2008, na Hang came on August 1 Beijing Olympic Games was mixed on September 23 incomplete during abstruse meeting, carry out class of experience Ao Hang in all 69417, execute normal flight number among them 64691, normal ratio reached the flight number that holds a city in the Olympic Games such as island of emperor of Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenyang, the Qin Dynasty, Hong Kong even 93.4% , first what list Chinese each airline.

Regard aircraft group dimensions as the Asia the first, the first whole world of passenger volume Asia the China of the 4th is the biggest airline, gross of class of boat experience Ao Hang is boat of the whole people south the first, acceptance of consignment be close to the experience of 1/3 abstruse passenger. This year the boat austral the beginning of the year begins to carry out " the brand serves year " and " gold service greets an Olympic Games " activity, began in entire company August " on schedul Olympic Games " the action, ensure the airliner during the Olympic Games " safe, normal, high grade " .

Boat president Liu Shaoyong kicks off in the Olympic Games south hub of Beijing of the boat austral eve assume personal command, wu of kimono of the safety that leads Olympic Games flight number personally, moving safeguard works. Na Hang still established mechanism of backup of transport power, aircrew, back up in all in Beijing, Guangzhou and Wuhan 4 4 planes, aircrew, back up in Beijing among them two two planes, aircrew, prepare to allocate a flight number temporarily at any time, carry a passenger; Begin from August 1, everyday 22:00 before, each company, base is in Na Hang backup of aircrew of the arrangement inside airport limits; 22:00 hind, backup aircrew assures to hurry to the airport inside 30 minutes. In the meantime, na Hang strengthened inside and outside to coordinate, establish as harmonious as what provide authorities of branch, airport for nothing mechanism, on August 8 the Olympic Games kicks off that day, capital airport and Beijing take step of the security in the sky that bans ship temporarily into close control division, na Hang is circled through adopting fly, reinstate backup transport power, executive place is bit righter dog the unusual step such as safeguard, ensured Olympic Games opening ceremony that day of 1104 airliners move normally.

Executive responsibility is found out make, make soup airliner incur loss through delay ensure beforehand case. Shipping directed a center to raise the accuracy of atmosphere information, seasonable sex all right south, increased the superintendency of the airliner and harmonious strength. Na Hang returns special provision, any leader cadres do not allow during the Olympic Games off, go abroad, the requirement carries out on guard of 24 hours of leaders to be on duty system, accomplish the direct before leaning, energy reachs the designated position, responsibility reachs the designated position, decorate reach the designated position, dog reach the designated position, assessment reachs the designated position.

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