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Shanghai Airline safety flies 1 million hours to obtain safety of civil aviation

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In Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " Shanghai Airline " ) start the rich that receive a life in the round when 600 actions plan, the countryman in September 22 uses aviation bureau (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, the following abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) issued to Shanghai Airline " safe flight one star award " , this is Shanghai Airline since founding from 1985, the airliner runs the record that holds successive safety to fly, realize hour of 1 million safe flight.

Shanghai Airline from 5 old Boeing when newly established 707 planes begin, all previous develops via firm 歩 of 23 years, show 66 to already owned small-sized and big, medium, of all kinds aircraft, open up domestic and international passenger line many 170, understand 70 many domestic and international big in city.

Shanghai Airline comes for years, hold to the guiding principle of safety first, deepen IOSA system and " moving manual " shirt-sleeve standard, pay attention to safe culture and safety administration innovation, strengthen safe talent grooms and safe managing the base is devoted, fulfil system of safety responsibility of leaders of all levels strictly, strengthen safe production trends to manage, strengthen flight character monitoring, durative safe examination supervises aggrandizement and rectify and reform strength, firm catchs centre of gravity next moving, post is fulfilled, raise safety to ensure ability hard, control of index of main safe production sets the better standard inside limits in the civil aviation bureau, the highest and safe award that carries off the civil aviation bureau is issued twice -- award of cup of golden wild goose.

According to introducing, civil aviation bureau to commend the safety of airline flies, every safety flies 1 million hours, award " one star award " . Up to on March 15, 2008, shanghai Airline is safe already fly 1 million hours. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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