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Boat Beijing branch is achieved again south round-the-clock leave a port airline

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This net dispatch (reporter: Inc. of southern aviation of China of meet with? (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, " of abbreviation " Na Hang) Beijing branch afterwards on August 1, on August 28, created Na Hang to leave a port on September 13 again the airliner is in capital airport the beautiful accomplishment of round-the-clock "0" incur loss through delay.

During two Olympic Gameses, significant flight number gathers, brigade guest counts discharge of much, airport the normality job difficulty of airliner of big, safeguard is very great. Olympic Games eve, boat Beijing branch will raise setting of airliner normality job be important or urgent business of the first job south, general manager personally assume leadership, departmental door a party to an undertaking forms airliner normality working party, in the light of airliner incur loss through delay a lot of element makes corresponding solution respectively. Departmental door talks things over to arrive late to the airliner jointly during, a variety of abnormal conditions such as flow control, soup were done detailed beforehand case, ask to airliner trends pays close attention in job of the member that the flight signs a school, at the same time a travel state according to airliner of the boat austral capital airport, talk things over with company headquarters, allocate transport power of a backup.

The course is successive the tough effort of 3 many months, boat capital leaves a port south airliner normality job obtained enormous result, normal rate rose last year compared to the same period 11.2% . The newest data that according to civil aviaton China north bureau publishs, na Hang left a port in capital International Airport in August the airliner is led normally is 85.94% , created the best safeguard record of calendar year the corresponding period. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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