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Na Hang " 11 " add fly 60 orders

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[report from our correspondent] (Li Zhen of reporter Xiao Han's reporter) company of Na Hang Shenzhen discloses 19 days, to satisfy " 11 " the market demand during the golden week, this company plans to be in Shenzhen to wait for course to go up to bound of big talk, Zhang Jia, Changsha, add fly about 60 orders.

According to Na Hang sale ministry concerns chief introduction, national Day gold is periodic this year, height of passenger flow of occurrence civil aviaton. Even a few guests are early at the beginning of September begin to book airline ticket, they give a goal is to return countryside to celebrate a festival to perhaps go out mostly travel. Among them, shenzhen classics Shijiazhuang comes Baotou, shenzhen reachs Li wave, Nanchang, Changsha, Wuhan, Home Zhang 14 course such as bound, big talk, Hefei, guest discharge is opposite bigger. It is those who satisfy more passenger to give a demand, na Hang plans to be during the golden week, about 60 numbers increase on these course. Specific the guest that has need, can land Na Hang website or call center of ninety-five thousand five hundred and thirty-nine call to refer a detailed information.

The reporter inquires know yesterday, shenzhen came on September 28 the airline ticket price of afore-mentioned heat cities, had been total value entirely. The others leaves a port course, wait to Dalian, Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang like Shenzhen, fare also has been climbed rise 7 fold above. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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