Child tickets more expensive than adults Da Zhepiao
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Airlines more competitive in the face of adult   fold, 4 fold the temptation to discount tickets, child tickets are always the same 5-fold. In this regard, members of the public recommended that children may consider credit, tickets.

Public suggestions:

Children's tickets may consider credit,

In recent years, airlines to compete for tourists, airline tickets discounted rate is also growing, compared with 5 discount tickets for children as "tasteless." Western Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Lan and Zhou Zhongchuan airport that in recent years, the adult ticket often occur 3 to 4 fold lower discount tickets, half fare cheaper than the children, so the emergence of adult children to buy discounted tickets check the situation.

Ouyang Hui-Ling, Lanzhou people that she intended to take his nephew to go to Beijing next month to play, online air ticket booking, they noticed that the child fares, airlines were mixed. She learned that some foreign airlines in the development of children, when ticket prices will be considered "credit," that in the adult ticket discount, based on a fixed discount rate and then calculate the child ticket price. She felt that was really the only way children can enjoy discount tickets.

Ticket Agent:

Children can also buy discounted tickets to pay construction costs

Yesterday, the western Chinese Commercial News reporters Bo Tong and Mou Jipiao ticket agent booking hotline ask children "how to sell", the call-taker told reporters that they were agents of Air China, Hainan Airlines and China Southern, several airline ticket, the discount rate several companies not the same, but the passenger flow peak season for children aged 2 to 12 can enjoy half the general, if there are 4 discount tickets, adult children can buy discounted tickets, but as adults must pay the airport construction fee. Ticket changes or disputes must be the standard adult ticket discount to handle.


Children no hard and fast rules to buy discount tickets

According to "China's civil aviation passengers, baggage rules for domestic transportation," Article 15 "Children 2 to 12 years of flight in accordance with the same 50% of adults purchased ordinary children's fare tickets, provide seat." It now appears that this provision a bit useless only a little binding in the peak season passenger flow, passenger flow during the low season no longer meet the market.

Yesterday afternoon, the western Chinese Commercial News reporters Fen Biecai and Fang Liaoguo business department of Air China, Lanzhou and other airlines customer service staff. In an interview, said the airlines have customer service staff, children enjoy the full price of the fare is only a 50% discount airline tickets for children, adults took the opportunity to buy unlimited requirements.