Dajikesitan is stationed in Xinjiang of boat of Chinese embassy Xiangna to give
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On November 17, dajikesitan is stationed in Chinese embassy staff member to come to branch of Na Hang Xinjiang on a special trip, wear embroider of one side engrave " enthusiastic and considerate service, bridge of two countries of the tower in building " the silk banner of model of written characters sends Na Hang Yang Bensen of secretary of Xinjiang branch Party committee in the hand, with branch of Xinjiang of the boat austral acknowledgment main on November 12 safeguard carries this state presidential celebration article.

On November 10, boat Xinjiang branch receives Dajikesitan to be stationed in Chinese embassy note south: The tower is state-owned article of celebration of a batch of presidents was sure to carry on November 12 the country that amount to a tower, the hope gets the help of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang.

Leader of boat Xinjiang branch indicates relevant section south: The height that should stand in task of the politics that finish finishs this one job smoothly. Navigational fairs ministry, battalion transport ministry adjusts a flight number in time, freight branch is rapid content of discharging of change trains, outfit. On November 12, celebration article carries smoothly inside booked time the country that amount to a tower.

Dajikesitan is stationed in the staff member of Chinese embassy to say: Branch of Na Hang Xinjiang gave to the job of embassy energetically support and cooperate, the trouble that gives for this to you is mixed hard, express the most cordial gratitude!

Yang Bensen of secretary of Party committee of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang says: China and Dajikesitan are friendly good relations of neighbourhood, boat Xinjiang branch wishs to wear the rainbow in having a air to build people of two countries of medium, tower's deeper friendship south.